Adam Sandler
Biographical info
Full name Adam Richard Sandler
Species Hologram
Gender Male
Born Brooklyn, New York
Relative(s) Jackie Sandler (Wife)
Residence Los Angeles, Califonia
Political info
Affiliation LSA (League of Shitty Actors)
Nationality American
Occupation Actor
Miscellaneous info
Role Adam Sandler
Actor/Actress (himself)
Adam Sandler is an American actor known for having maybe one or two good film roles and a entire filmography of unfunny trash. Sandler is also both a physical and metaphysical being. He is a Higher Being, an inter-dimensional parasite that leech off of lifeforms of low intelligence. Adam Sandler has chosen Earth.

"...With this, Adam Sandler has reached a point where he does not even make comedy. Why? Because he himself has become the comedy. By simply treating the physical plane as a playground, he walks into a studio, yells, and leaves with our resources, such as billions of dollars, billions of women, and our precious time. He then stays relevant and laughs at humans for sitting through and paying for his terrible content, making a mockery out of the public. In other words, Adam Sandler does not give a fuck." - Unknown on Adam Sandler

He is the leader of the LSA (League of Shitty Actors), with his servants Kevin James and Owen Wilson.


"I'ma steal your woman, I'ma steal your money!"

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