Anthony Fantano
Anthony Fantano
Biographical info
Aliases theneedledrop
Species Hakujin
Gender Male
Born October 28, 1985
Residence Connecticut
Political info
Affiliation theneedledrop

"Internet's Busiest Music Nerd"

Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HUMAN CAKE
Role Music Critic
Actor/Actress Himself

Anthony Fantano (aka TheNeedleDrop) is an American music critic who uploads on his YouTube channels "theneedledrop," where he uploads his music reviews, and "thatistheplan," where he vlogs about his personal life, critics smaller music projects, and goes as far as occasionally uploading random videos (shitposting) and meme reviews.


Fantano first appeared on Filthy Frank's video titled "HUMAN CAKE," where he aids Frank with clipping his nails and sealing the clippings in an envelope in order to add to the human cake, since it was requested by Frank as an ingredient for the cake.