Asian Nerd Raps was published on September 21th, 2011 but was later on removed from the channel for unknown reasons. It is the ninth episode in Season 2 of the Filthy Frank Show and was on the DizastaMusic Channel.


In this episode Filthy Frank tries to rap.


Unfortunately this video is unavailable, due to being taken down.

Video Description

This is the best/worst freestyle ever. Subscribe to the show for a new video every wednesday and sunday. Enjoy this or I will rape your family and make you eat hot dogs really slowly while I watch and stroke my young salamander. Also, we should get some ice cream together. I love ice cream, especially when it drips down to my scrotum. One time, I was seating ice cream, and it turned out to be someone's cock. But accidents happen. This rapper right here is a part of Grind Time. A freestyle battle league.


  • Filthy Frank

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