Australia (uncanonically Straya Realm)
Reliefmap of Australia
Vital statistics
Type Country / Continent
Level Unknown
Location Realm 6.2
Inhabitants Dade (Formerly)
Pokémon GO Pedophile
Mr. Pirate Man
Australia is a mystical land located in the Oceania region. Little is known about Australia, however it is apparent that it is the home of Fake Frank's spouse Max and the birthplace of Papa Franku's father and mentor Dade, who originally lived in Australia as a hardcore gangster.

Anything4views and HowToBasic, one of the greatest chefs alive, also live in Australia.

A general rule of thumb regarding this land is to treat any Australian as a "sick cunt" unless proven otherwise. People in New Zealand also seem to use this term, but not as much as Australians.

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