The Bald Chocolate Men (Homo Sapiens Calvus Scelerisque) is a species in The Filthy Frank Show.

Basics of The Bald Chocolate Man

The Bald Chocolate Men are a powerful race, but who were forced into the brink and eventual extinction of their people. These beings exude large amounts of chocolate in their saliva, that seem to be somehow linked to their power. The last to beings of this race before its extinction were Dade and his brother Evil Dade (Bade). Both were relics of the ancient civilization and yet were still feared, and for good reason. They have both shown signs of extreme power, able to beat any foe with relative ease, if they so desire. However, Dade eventually died to liver failure, but was later revived himself. This was done to combat his brother, Evil Dade, in the episode 7 EASY WAYS TO MAKE CHOCOLATE AT HOME , in which both died in the aftermath. Whether or not the Chocolate Man Race is truly is extinct is unknown, as Dade and other Chocolate Men may wish to stay in the realm of mortals and revive their species. 


Dade's death

Theoretical Information

The reason behind the Chocolate Men's strength, extinction, and chocolate, may all come from one source: Their chocolate is not chocolate at all, but an extremely refined version of Chromosomes. This would explain their power, as their bodies make astronomic levels of chocolate, and thus unimaginable levels of Chromosomes. The reason as to why they are extinct could go in two ways however: 1. Their bodies can't handle their own immense power, leaving them susceptible to disease, such as the one that killed Dade, or 2. They were slowly hunted down by extremely powerful beings, such as the Peace Lords, since they were seen as a threat.