Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He is known for adopting Obamacare, which has been heavily criticized by Filthy Frank.


On his rant about 16-year olds with no musical talents whatsoever, Frank mentioned Obama, saying that he's responsible for making kids and teenagers being talentless rappers that are begging for likes. He brought two examples, Pookie and PolitikZ, which he ended up killing them both, which he killed Pookie because he was making mixtapes in secret, and so he lost his trust on his friend, and then he killed PolitikZ because of the fact that PolitikZ threatened him to buy his mixtapes, and so he, along with Pink Guy and Salamander Man, killed him in his clinic.

While Frank was ranting about a possible conspiracy theory on Winnie The Pooh, saying that they don't help Eeyore and just straight leave him homeless, he then decided to blame on Obama, saying that Obamacare doesn't even help Eeyore out of his misery. When Frank was getting a closer look on the Hundred Acre Woods, he then discovers that the US Government was on this plot the whole time, which he suspected that Barack Obama was part of the plot. The US Government then shuts down The Filthy Frank Show, trying to suppress Frank from the media, and so Frank was being homeless for seven years, trying to find Eeyore.

It is said that entities showing an autistic behavior such as Safari Man and Lemon were sucking his dick while chromosomes were given out, as stated from the Book of Chromosomes.

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