Who the hell are you?! Show your face, traveler!
- Brown Lycra, to Filthy Frank while he was still in his disguise.
Brown Lycra
Brown Lycra
Biographical info
Full name Unknown
Aliases Brown Lyrcra


Species Lycra
Gender Male
Born Before 8000ch
Relative(s) Mr. Negi (Son)
Political info
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Gatekeeper
Rank Keeper of The Gate
Miscellaneous info
Actor/Actress George Joji Miller
Brown Lycra is the mysterious gatekeeper of The Rock Paper Scissors Arena. He was hired by Chin Chin during the early 16th century to guard the entrance to The Rock Paper Scissors Arena. He seems to be incredibly stubborn, taking his gatekeeper job very seriously.


Brown Lycra started out wandering the streets as a starving homeless man, hoping to find any spare chromosomes to feed him and his family. Chin-Chin saw Brown Lycra, and felt sorry for him. Chin-Chin decided to offer Brown Lycra a job protecting the entrances to the newly-built Rock Paper Scissors Arena. Brown Lycra gladly obliged, seeing this job as a chance to get the extra chromosomes needed to survive in this cold hearted world. Brown Lycra was hired as the new gatekeeper, protecting the entrances surrounding The Rock Paper Scissors Arena. Brown Lycra took this job very seriously, because if he failed, he would be slaughtered by Chin-Chin's incredible power. Brown Lycra is believed to be Mr. Negi Generation 6, but it is unconfirmed.

While fanning himself one day, Brown Lycra was approached by Red Dick and a Mysterious Masked Man. Brown Lycra attempted to shoo them off, but is quickly annoyed by the Masked Man's tone of voice and demands that he show himself. The Masked Man arises from his seat and removes his mask, revealing himself as the legendary Filthy Frank, who hadn't been seen for 6000 chromosomes due to him jettisoning himself into the future. After apologizing for his rude tone, Brown Lycra opened the gate for the two and gave them some Kumquats for Red Dick to snack on as they continued their search for the Dark Lord.


He can produce kumquat fruits seemingly from his anus. It is unknown for sure whether or not these are real, however, as Frank tries to warn Red Dick that they must be poisonous, before Red Dick promptly continues to eat them anyways, due to his addiction to this food. Also, he can spit them out of his mouth, which almost completely confirms that these do, indeed, come out of his anus as well.