Kill me.
Buzz lightyear filthy frank show
Agh, that is fucking morbid!
Biographical info
Full name Buzz Lightyear
Species Toy
Gender Male
Relative(s) Red Ranger (possibly friend or family)

Pink Guy (possibly related from Red Ranger)

Residence Frank's Apartment in the Nairobi Desert
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Real Space Ranger
Rank Suicidal
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance JAPAN SPECIAL
Role Frank's toy
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
Buzz Lightyear is a character in The Filthy Frank Show, specifically in the episode "JAPAN SPECIAL."


Buzz is a sentient being made out of plastic and nostalgia, possibly manufactured in China. He's a very cheerful character, even greeting Filthy Frank when coming home. Apparently he loves playing with Filthy Frank, even going to saying that playing with him is his "favorite part of the day," which shows how much he loves filth.

At a point in his play session with Filthy Frank, he demonstrates awful disgust towards Filthy Frank's act of masturbating in front of him. It is possible that Buzz enjoys filth, but not to an overwhelming level. This may suggest that he is of low chromosome count and may be discarded if sacrificed to Chin-Chin by Chin-Chin himself.
Buzz lightyear filthy frank

Buzz's first appearance

Another thing Buzz demonstrates is his status of being suicidal, which was discovered when Filthy Frank was masturbating in front of him. This may show he may be bipolar as well, since he was overwhelmingly happy upon Filthy Frank's arrival, but in a matter of seconds was he cursing himself into wanting to commit suicide. Buzz's existence after the Japan special video is unknown, and it is feared that he may have actually committed suicide.



  • "Oh, yeah! Frank is back!"
  • "Wait, what the fuck? Is this kid masturbating?"
  • "Kill me."


  • He may be related to Red Ranger, since both are rangers.