Breaking B0ss - b0ss i habe cancer00:13

Breaking B0ss - b0ss i habe cancer


full cancer

Cancer, also known as Cansur or Cancir/Cansir, is a very rare case of Lycra mutation. A notable character with this mutation is Pink Guy, who is known for saying the phrase "b0ss, I habe a cansur".

It is not known where many cancers emerge from, though one possible source is Old Man, who was featured in a video shouting at random citizens, "...I hope you all get cancer". Another possible source of cancer is in the follicle preparation of 'Hair Cake,' a derivative of the infamous 'Vomit Cake,' whereby the entirety of human's head hair is sacrificed into batter and baked in an oven atop a boxed copy of Chef. The secretly homosexual man, iDubbbz, experienced cancer shortly after preparation of such recipe, though it has not been confirmed whether or not this was the result him smelling the Hair Cake right after it was done baking or some other related mechanism.


IDubbbzTV's transformation caused by his cancer

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