These terrible, disgusting creatures are completely devoted to anime and try as hard as they can to be Japanese.

Japan is the origin of anime, manga, hentai, and more. These forms of animation were begun as early as the 1960's and were popularized by the 1980's film Akira. The culture of anime and it's relatives has spawned the dreaded weeaboo culture. This is a mostly western phenomenon where, seemingly normal people, mostly overweight white men, become obsessive over Japan and Japanese culture, food, language, and women. The obsession of Asian women is sometimes called "Yellow Fever". The terms "Waifu" and "Husbando" are used by weeaboos to describe romantic, imaginary relationships they have with fictional characters of the opposite (Or in some cases, same) sex.

Because of their extremely cancerous and toxic behavior, a disaster shelter was build in an abandoned realm to protect people from the weeaboos should one become "triggered". This shelter would be earn the name The Weeaboo Protection Chamber.