Chin Chin Hazard Bunker 19
Screenshot 20170811-160542
Vital statistics
Type Bunker
Level Unknown
Location New York City
Inhabitants Frank's Beta Fish
The Chin Chin Hazard Bunker 19 is one of the few Chin Chin Hazard Bunkers that exist in the omniverse. It is located in the Nairobi Desert, and looks like Frank's Apartment. This place is meant to hide from Chin-Chin, although Chin-Chin himself has the power to teleport into specific locations.

Frank went into hiding in this bunker along with Red Dick. He was in a disguise that sports spiderman sunglasses that look very similar to Fake Frank's and a shirt that appears to be an I Eat Ass shirt from his merchandise. He tells his audience that he must receive the sacrifices, otherwise Chin-Chin will kill him. The sad part about this is that Frank was actually banished to the rice fields for refusing to lend him Pink Guy.

The Chin Chin Hazard Bunker 19 is where Frank keeps his suicidal beta fish captive in a wine cup.

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