"Cocoa" is a remix collaboration of Cal Chuchesta's original, which features Pink Guy, Filthy Frank, and Cal with a new verse.

This song offers grimy beats, clever wordplay, and an ANGRY flow from Cal Chuchesta.


[Intro: Filthy Frank (Cal Chuchesta)] (Filthy Frank!) Yeah! (Cal Chuchesta!) You know what it is, bitch! (Pink Guy!) It's that remix You know I like that hot cocoa in the cold winter You know what I'm saying? (I do!)

[Chorus: Pink Guy] I'm in love with the cocoa I'm in love with the cocoa I got extra marshmallows

[Verse 1: Pink Guy] It's getting cold outside, I make hot cocoa Extra marshmallows, don't tell the po-po She wanted hot coffee, I slapped her across the cheeks Only cocoa bitch, get cozy by the sheets My grandma made it for me, it's the fucking best It's made from real chocolate with a pinch of meth Do you wanna build a snowman? Fuck that, I got cocoa bitch Sitting round the fire with a mug and some cocoa bitch

[Bridge: Pink Guy] Cocoa powder, I got cocoa powder Cocoa powder, I got cocoa powder Put it in a cup bitch, mix it with the milk Let it sit for a minute, drink it, drink it, drink it, turn up bitch

[Verse 2: Cal Chuchesta] I'm in love with the cocoa, but you got to sip it real slow I'm in love with the cocoa but first you gotta blow Got cocoa powder, check, a new saucepan on deck Some cinnamon on top, hold tight so the mug don't drop You spill yours on the floor, you won't get anymore Get your butt to the store and buy me a baby seal Cause that's the deal (Good rhyme!) Thanks! (You're welcome!) And Cal come with that cocoa flow-flow So hot you will burn your mo-mo And I only cook with high end cocoa Gucci and Versace cocoa Louis, Fendi, True-y cocoa Dolce and Bugatti cocoa Do I use that Hershey cocoa? No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no

[Verse 3: Filthy Frank] Come have some hot cocoa, it's really stormy I smell the cocoa powder, it makes me horny None of that Milo shit, a real authentic drink You bring that Nestle shit, I'll pour it down the sink Grandma's hot cocoa is the best, all the haters suck my dick You can stand in the snow, drink your own piss

[Verse 4: Cal Chuchesta] Call us the Cocoa Gang, sell cocoa on the corner Come up and buy a cup and feel yourself get warmer And now we got you hooked, don't worry, it's not lethal And the cops can't stop us, cause cocoa's legal Here at the cocoa stand money changes hands Me and Pink Guy land about a hundred grand That cocoa we cook, it's on that grandma level We sold it down in Georgia and trapped the devil Take that cocoa, it's so good, drink it, drink it It's so yummy in your tummy all the time In the day, it - I'm still going

[Outro: Cal Chuchesta] I didn't expect the song to stop there, buddy