Pink Guy, tell me I'm a good boy, the mission was a success. But I must warn you of the evil that is yet to come, it is up to you, Pink Guy, to protect this omniverse.
Biographical info
Species Pug, God (possible)
Gender Male
Born before 1955
Relative(s) Pink Guy (Owner)
Residence Realm 1197
Political info
Affiliation Pink Guy
Nationality Realm iii - China (pugs originated from China)
Occupation Time Police, Pet,
Rank Time Police, Pet,
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HITLER'S EVIL SON
Role Dog, Pet, Time Police
Actor/Actress Unknown

Derek is a pug who appeared in HITLER'S EVIL SON, and is the pet and sidekick of Pink Guy. Derek appears to have power that one may call god-like. He is seen blasting purple lasers from his eyes that can incinerate humans, and later he is seen predicting the future. He is believed to have killed Nazi Cunt with his laser ability.


Derek is a fawn coated pug who wears a pink cape around his neck. However, the cape can get strung beneath him when he runs, as he is little. Like E.T., Derek talks telepathically.

It is unknown if Derek is related to PewDiePie's dogs Edgar and Maya, as both Edgar and Maya are also pugs.

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