Dirty Frank
Dirty frank
Check it out!!
Biographical info
Aliases Dirty Frank
Species Human-like Rat
Gender Male
Residence The Shrimpson Boys' AirBnb
Political info
Affiliation Shrimpson Boys
Nationality Australian
Occupation Rat
Rank Protagonist
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WORLDS BIGGEST RAT??!!
Role Rat Frank's stunt double
Actor/Actress Maxmoefoe (voiced by George Miller)

Dirty Frank is a minor character who only appeared in "WORLD'S BIGGEST RAT??!", he is essentially MaxMoeFoe wearing Fake Frank's signature sunglasses, but mimes to Fake Frank's voice to create the illusion he is the authentic Fake Frank.


  • "I'm Dirty Frank- I'm- I- I'm gonna put my hand in a ... mous- Rat trap"
  • "Oooh, ffffff, oh, that really hurt, yikes, hehaha"

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