Dolan Därk
Dolan dark
Biographical info
Full name Unknown
Aliases Dolan Dark
New Zealand Faggot
Species Unknown (Possibly a human/goose hybrid or a hobbit)
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Residence New Zealand
Political info
Affiliation The Shrimpson Boys
Nationality New Zealander
Occupation YouTuber, Shitposter, Meme Maker
Rank 12-year old (possibly)
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance None (has actually never appeared in the show)
Role Background Character
Actor/Actress Himself

Dolan Dark (also spelled as Dolan Därk) is a mysterious YouTuber who never made any appearance in the show, but has something to do with it, such as his connection to The Shrimpson Boys. He has his own channels, where he uploads shitposts, which his main channel is mostly inactive. On the other hand, he plays videogames with other YouTubers, but has never uploaded any of these gameplays. His voice is mostly heard from other YouTubers' videos.

However, it cannot be confimed if Dolan Dark is actually a human or a goose, as he never made any face reveal, similar to HowToBasic. It is also possible that he's a hybrid between the two.


Main Channel

Second Channel


  • Dolan Dark is a member of The Shrimpson Boys.
  • Due to the fact that his mic quality is very bad, people claimed that he has a $2 mic from Walmart, but Dolan Dark later confirmed that he records with the integrated microphone from his laptop, as there are also no Walmart stores in Australia nor New Zealand.
  • Dolan Dark has once used PewDiePie to fake his face reveal.
  • It is possible that Dolan Dark was affected by the Meme Plague, which was created by Mr. Magic Man himself, as his shitposts are mostly trash memes in separate videos.
  • Dolan Dark has once attempted to pour Mountain Dew on a goose, as a result of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
    • This video furthermore disproves the fact that he's a duck but rather a human/goose hybrid.
  • In his video titled "THE WEIRDEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD", which is uploaded on Pyrocynical's channel, in a matter of promoting him while being in a hiatus during a trip to Greece, Dolan Dark claimed that New Zealand is inhabited by hobbits, similar to the ones in Lord of the Rings. This would give a clue that he has nothing human but that himself is a hobbit.