Episode of The Filthy Frank Show
Frank summoning One Direction
Season 2013
Episode 2
Release date April 20, 1969
Channel TVFilthyFrank
Characters involved Pink Guy
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Filthy Shit

Filthy Shit

DON'T MESS WITH ONE DIRECTION is an episode of The Filthy Frank Show explaining Frank's taste in music, the powers of One Direction and their association with the great lord Chin Chin, and lastly how Simon Cowell birthed their shitty fanbase of annoying prepubescent fangirls.


The video starts off showing Frank signing along to One Direction when one of his black friends intrudes on him, leading him to panic as he switches the The Notorious B.I.G. - "Big Poppa". The black friend then tells Frank that One Direction is "gay" and not "real music". Frank protests his hatred, and then the black friend starts blasting "I'm a Barbie Girl" claiming it to be some real shit. Another of Frank's black friends comes in and they both start making fun of his taste in music, telling him One Direction is gay and trying to show him their dicks. Frank is angered and threatens them, but the two Kokujins insult him and leave.

Six hours pass, and Chin-Chin appears in Frank's room. He compels Frank to unleash the power of One Direction, but Frank, having seen their power earlier in life, knows the danger of releasing them. Vengeance finally overcomes Frank and he uses his One Direction poster to bring them to the mortal realm.

Frank's black friend is looking for food in the fridge when Frank tests his new abilities on him. Heads of all the One Direction band members come out his wrist in a similar manner to Spider-Man's webs, and they cause the black friend to have seizures and they force him to twerk. Frank loses control of the One Direction heads and they start attacking him as well, causing Pink Guy to panic and worry for his safety, before they are dispelled by an unknown force. Salamander Man senses this force and then tells Frank that "the toilet smells like a British boyband". Salamander Man and Pink Guy run to safety as Simon Cowell himself enters Frank's house through the toilet, leaving Frank to face off against him all by himself.

Simon, disappointed with Frank, tells him that he should have not abused the powers of One Direction, as Simon was the only one destined to fistfuck them. It is revealed at this point that even Simon does not like One Direction's music, and that he intentionally made them famous because he wanted the world to drown in the terrible noises they produced. As punishment for Frank's irresponsibility, Simon tells him he is going to start an annoying fanbase of 13 year olds on the Internet.

So basically the world is fucked and the episode ends there.


Hans Zimmer - Hunger (2009)

Carl Orff - O Fortuna (1:58)

Best EVER O Fortuna - Carl Orff Carmina Burana

Best EVER O Fortuna - Carl Orff Carmina Burana