Biographical info
Full name Drone
Species Advanced AI tech
Gender Non-gender robot
Relative(s) White Drone (possible cousin)
Black Drone (possible cousin)
Red Dick (possible creator)
Political info
Affiliation Brock Lee
Drone Council (possibly)
Occupation Crawfish Racer
Amazon deliverer
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics
Actor/Actress Itself

Drone is a minor character that appeared in "Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics" as one of the contestants. He is a mysterious and horrific device capable of flight with an advanced Artifical Intelligence program. His origins and relations are currently unknown, although he appears to be a DJI Phantom V1. At the Crawfish Races, Drone has won all 10 races he has participated in, and is the only undefeated participant. It is possible he was created by Red Dick, but this is speculation. He also appears in the book Francis of the Filth.


Drone has yet only a single appearance as a late contestant in the Crawfish Olympics. He was interviewed upon arrival, but responded with no verbal comment. When Alpha Centurion arrived, revealed to be the Shaman, he attacked Brock Lee for questioning his Alpha level and Brock asked drone for backup. Drone immediately came to the rescue and chased Shaman a long way through the woods, until he finally was in range and launched some kind of explosive device at him. The Shaman survived.

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 2:37am, Filthy Frank revealed horrible cringy news: "(Drone) got into a bar fight last Friday and faces charges; first degree homicide." It is uncertain if his trial will be covered on film, or if Drone will make another appearance.

Drone Murder
New amazon drone service review

New amazon drone service review

The Shaman getting killed by the drone.

Crawfish Statistics
Wins 10
Losses 0