Drone Council
Drone Councils
From top to bottom: Black drone council (top) and White drone council (bottom)
Biographical info
Full name The Drone Council
Species Drone
Gender Various genders
Born Various dates
Political info
Affiliation Black Drone
White Drone
Drone (unconfirmed)
Nationality None
Occupation Councilors
Rank Various ranks
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WHY DRONES SUCK
Role Minor
Actor/Actress Themselves

Drone Council is a set of minor characters from Filthy Frank.

The Drone Council's First Appearance

Screenshot 2017-02-25 at 6.44.26 PM

The Council attacking Frank with what is most likely the cheating, major ejaculating, black drone

The Drone Council is a collection of at least 2 white drones seen in the video WHY DRONES SUCK . There may be a third, the black drone seen in the middle, but it is most likely the drone that cheated with Filthy Frank's drone wife and called the council to beat his ass.

They were more powerful than Filthy Frank at the time, or at least dangerous enough to have him wish to flee rather than fight, but this was during 2001, or -3,000,000,000 chromosomes. This is before the birth of Pink Guy, at -80,000 CH which is hinted at his lack of presence in the video. This means that these events took place before Filthy Frank became much stronger from his battles with, and training for, Chin-Chin. This scenario seems impossible, as it is claimed that Filthy Frank was only born at least at -400,000 CH. 

It is unknown if Drone from "ILLEGAL CRAWFISH RACING OLYMPICS" was also part of the Council at the time. 

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