Frank and E.T. smoking dat brocoli

"E.T. 2" was published on October 26, 2015 on Filthy Frank's main channel, TVFilthyFrank.

The whole episode centers around Filthy Frank, the rubber alien prop E.T., and their adventures living human life (human life being smoking lethal amounts of drugs, taking over the drug game, and getting that pusi )


Frank is incredibly sad over the fact he's a lonely piece of shit and has no friends. Suddenly, a meteor lands near him, and he rushes over to find an alien, E.T. The alien claims that he landed on Earth many years ago but never really got a chance to fully experience human life. So, E.T. and Frank, along with Brock Lee and Pookie, go out to snort a fuck ton of cocaine and have an equal amount of sex. E.T. loves living it up like this, so he decides to take it a step further and take over the "drug game" with his space niggas, but they don't want to help so it's just up to Frank and E.T. Also Frank gets space herpes. Anyway, Brock Lee gets incredibly angry over this and a fight breaks out between them, eventually roping in Pookie and Frank into it. It's implied that Brock Lee killed Pookie over this.

E.T. laments while they fight, seeing the flaws in human nature and the imperfection of Earth. He states the planet is a shithole, and since his parents won't pick him up he's just gonna snort cocaine until he dies. Apparently, he goes missing, which concerns Frank. He enlists the help of Pink Guy on his search for E.T. They find him and try to bring him to the hospital.

E.T. was declared dead at 2:41pm at the hospital from overdosing on 40 pounds of cocaine.

He is forever in our hearts.



E.T. 2-0