You gotta learn how to treat a lady, man!
Biographical info
Full name Ethan Klein of H3h3productions
Aliases H3H3
Species Human (possibly demon with beanie)
Gender Male
Born 1985
Relative(s) Hila Klein of H3h3productions (wife)
Residence Los Angeles

New York (formerly) Israel (formerly)

Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank (former love interest)

Female Frank (Friend/Enemy)

Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber


Rank Entertainer/Civillian
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance 100 Accurate Life Hacks

It's Just a Prank Bro

Role Flower sniffing man
Actor/Actress as himself
Ethan Klein is the protagonist of the YouTube channel h3h3Productions.

He made a cameo appearance smelling flowers on the street with Frank in the TVFilthyFrank episode "100 Accurate Life Hacks". He thought they smelled "fucking good."

Filthy Frank also made a return appearance on the h3h3 episode "Feeding the Homeless -- h3h3 reaction video". In it, on a quest to change someone's life, Ethan found Frank, who he believed to be homeless, sleeping on the street and attempted to give him a dollar. Frank initially was hostile towards him, claiming he wasn't homeless and he didn't need the money, so Ethan took the dollar back because of Frank's ungratefulness. However, Frank said while he didn't really need the money, it would be nice to have it, so Ethan reluctantly gave the dollar back.

Frank stated on his twitter that, in their spare time, he and Ethan go to gardening classes every Tuesday at 4:00 pm. This keeps them at peace.


Ethan is Frank's former lover. Ethan fell in love with Franku because of the free breadsticks he got him from Olive Garden, but after a while got tired of them and left Frank to marry Hila. Another contributing factor to their breakup was that he was never serious about making love and always made jokes about pooping on Ethan's dick, although Frank insists they weren't jokes.

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