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"Frank, what is this?"

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Evil Narrator
Episode of The Filthy Frank Show
Season 2013
Episode 2
Release date April 20, 1969
Channel TVFilthyFrank
Characters involved Pink Guy
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Filthy Shit

Filthy Shit

It's a nice day in the house of Frank. The Sun is out, the birds are chirping, and I hid Frank's dildo collection
- David Attenborough

Evil Narrator is an episode of The Filthy Frank Show. In it Papa bless and friends are terrorized by the disembodied voice of David Attenborough.


David begins the video speaking and starting to provoke Frank by saying things like, "Modern research would say, that Frank needs to fuck off" and "A little birdie told me that your dick is the size of an acorn" directed towards Frank.

Frank begins to ask David to show himself and what he wants from him. David mentions to Frank that he cannot be seen but he can certainly see Frank. David tells how he controls everything, and begins to prove to Frank it is true when Frank denies it. He makes a rock come out of Frank's anus, forces Salamander Man to masturbate excessively under the bed, and Pink Guy humps the air uncontrollably.

Frank tells David to stop, and David tells Frank there is no escape. When Frank says he would kill David, David mentions how Narrators cannot be killed and that he could easily kill Frank. Frank then turns into a narrator and battles David. When they fight, Frank grabs Davids genitals on accident and they suddenly engage in sexual actions for 4000 chromosomes.

After David finally comes, he asks Frank to kill him. He then proceeds to tell his back story of having a small penis and getting picked on for it in High School. Frank questions his reasons for wanting to die, but David finally admits he has fuck boi Cancer. The episode abruptly ends in h3h3's dick hole