Firearms are one of the most common weapons in the Filthy Frank Omniverse. they are known to be the weakest weapons in the Universe. However, it was proven by Jamal that a stapler is a very good alternative to a firearm if you know how use it properly. Here's a brief list of firearms seen in The Filthy Frank Show.

Beretta 92


Pink Guy with Beretta

Beretta 92 is used by Pink Guy durning his confrontation with Nazi Cunt


P228 is used by Real Frank



Real Frank with P228

Frank with his P228

Real Frank also uses Walther P99 pistol sometimes  

Frank with Walther


Pookie and Dr.Sack use HK USP pistols as their sidearms

pookie with USP

Glock 17

Fake Frank shoots Glock at "Flithy Frank vs Chin-Chin"
Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.21.41 PM

Fake Frank with Glock

Desert Eagle

E.T uses Deagle against Chin-Chin. Frank also used it to kill himself in order to find Dade. Kyle also used it in an attempt to kill The Filipino. Captain Falcon also used it in an attempt to shoot Pink Guy. Both Pink Guh and Captain Falcon have licked one during their friendship.

Famas G2

Chin-Chin's servant named Floggy uses G2 to kill Nigger Faggot 

"Ideal sacrifice for Chin-Chin!"

Winchester model 1200

Real Frank uses 1200 to kill Drone Girlfriend 
Новый точечный рисунок

"Shut the fuck up"

Mauser C96

Nazi Cunt used the Mauser C96

Nazi cunt

Bye bye, Pink Mensch

Mossberg 500/590

Both Frank and Pink Guy used the Mossberg shotgun.

Filipino Killer 9000

Currently an unknown firearm. Used by The Big Guy in an attempt to kill The Filipino.

M4 Carbine

Pink Guy used the M4 Carbine to kill Captain Falcon. An unknown brown lycra was also seen wielding it. An Almond Titties entity along with Steve Buscemi have also used it to shoot Pink Guy on the floor.

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