Frank's Apartment
Frank's Apartment
Vital statistics
Type Housing
Level Unknown
Location New York City in Realm 6.2 (Nairobi Desert)
Filthy Frank

Pink Guy

Safari Man


Salamander Man

Frank's Apartment is the residence of Filthy Frank and his roommates. It also shelters some of the strangest anomalies walking this realm, most of them lycra, and is the most recurring setting for the Filthy Frank adventures and shenanigans, as only a few of his adventures are in different realms.

Frank's closet works as a portal between these realms and dimensions. It also contains a renewable source of chromosomes, the building blocks of universal power, as stated in the Book of Chromosomes. However, there's an anomaly about this place, which is the fact that there's The Wardrobe inside of it, in which this specific wardrobe is meant to be used by Chin-Chin.

Frank got the apartment after ILLEGAL CRAWFISH RACING OLYMPICS, where it is revealed in Francis of the Filth that Safari Man bet his apartment that Frank would be able to win at least 2,000,000 chromosomes via the Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics. Frank used mice disguised as crawfish to win and Alpha Centurion stole all of the chromosomes he won. He gave them back upon agreeing that Frank would give him 1,000 chromosomes. Frank gave him the promised amount.

Later, when Safari Man, Frank, Salamander Man, Pink Guy, Drone, and Alpha Centurion were eating dinner, Frank reminds Safari Man of his bet and states he only has 199,999,000 chromosomes after giving 1,000 to Alpha Centurion. Safari Man gives Frank the keys to the apartment and Frank has lived there since.

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