Frank's Strange Baby
Frank holding his baby on his hands
Biographical info
Aliases Frank's Son


Species Human
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Relative(s) Chin-Chin (possible father)

Filthy Frank (stepfather)

Residence Frank's Apartment
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank

Chin-Chin (possibly)

Nationality Japanese (most likely)
Rank Frank's baby
Miscellaneous info


Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
Frank's strange baby is an unknown character featured in "FILTHY COMPILATION" and "I HATE BABIES". Not much is known about him.


In "FILTHY COMPILATION", Frank introduced his son to his audience when suddently he does weird shit such as screaming "BREAK YOURSELF MOTHERFUCKER" to Frank.

In "I HATE BABIES", Frank proceeded to rant about babies about how they are disordering him, which is talking about his own experience on raising his son when suddently the baby started to cry. Frank then procceded to sing a few songs to him when he realizes he doesn't have any children. The baby then did grunting sounds as well as saying "Ochinchin ga daisuki". Frank then threw him onto the wall, possibly killing him if he was actually human.

It is unkown if the baby is Chin-Chin himself before his cursing or his possible son, as he said "I love penis" in Japanese.

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