Once again, I am mistreated by the humans, Born to suffer and live for mankind only to be thrown away...
- Some of Fembook's last words
New Macbook
Biographical info
Full name Frank's new female Macbook
Aliases Feminist Macbook
Species Macbook computer
Gender Female programming
Born Realm 492.8888 (Luxury Realm)
Residence Frank's apartement
Political info
Affiliation Apple
Rank Frank's laptop


Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HOW TO GET A MAN


Role Same as his last macbook
Actor/Actress Itself

 After Overpriced Mac Computer's suicide, Frank bought himself a new one, unbeknownst to the fact that it was a feminist.  But because Frank was bullied by some faggot on the internet through his macbook, Frank was blinded by rage and destroyed her because he felt that she was the reason that he was getting bullied and therefore threw her in the thrashcan and called her a bitch.


Dying Fembook giving a speech to Frank

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