"Frank Says" is a song by Pink Guy, from his debut album PINK GUY, and is the fourteenth track of the album. This track deals with MC beef, antisemitic stereotypes, a little cannibalism, and titties.


Frank Says03:23

Frank Says


Aww shit


Get the f**k up
Frank says get the f**k up

I keep it tight like a Nun’s ass, get it?
Y'all f**kers go home and masturbate to Reddit
Flow dirty like I got a bad tooth decay
Y'all got no props like a run down theater play

Ball so hard, like my nuts are in spandex
These bandits will see my antics and bounce like gymnastics
When I’m done running on these wack beats like track meets
A hard sole like athlete’s feet
Couldn’t battle me, due to bad beef like cow disease
(How does he do that?)
(I dunno, ask somebody)

Rap and kill a stage while running like ten errands
You’re rhymes just as relevant as Taliban veterans
Name any fool on the mic I’m not better than;
David Letterman ain’t tonight’s only specimen!

Hard on these tracks like a mother f**king locomotive
Train on these beats for the folks that’ll know to focus
If I wanna set a fire then set it with set schemes
I’ve been doing this since you were a wet dream

Stop being cool, like an AC’s fuse blow
Staying high like you’re standing on a Jew’s nose
I’m f**king cannibalistic
So quit this interpretation of animal bitch-tricks
Rhymes so pussy I can fill your f**king ovaries
From halfway across the world, so don’t bring them over please!
Go to Greece, or some place in the East

If your rhymes remain fat, then f**k it, I’ll be obese!
It ain’t a party ‘till the titties involved
So stand the f**k up, like you sat on your balls, playa!
Like you sat on your balls, playa…
Like you sat on your balls, playa…

Yo, shoutouts to Salamander Man for taking my, uhh, Hot Pocket this morning…
I’m gonna f**king kill you


Beat from “Simon Says (Instrumental)” by Pharaoh Monch

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