Biographical info
Full name Tanner Petulla
Aliases Getter
Species Lycra
Gender Male
Born April 14, 1993
Relative(s) Unknown
Residence California, United States
Political info
Affiliation Pink Guy

Nick Colletti

Nationality American
Occupation DJ, record producer
Rank Pink Guy's friend
Miscellaneous info
Role Rapper
Actor/Actress Tanner Petulla
Getter is a character that appears in the video "PINK GUY X GETTER X NICK COLLETTI".


Getter a friend of Pink Guy and Nick Colletti. Most facts about Getter are unknown, what we do know is he makes music on his own and he wears a green full body suit. Getter has only appeared in one video.

Getter (DJ)

Tanner Petulla (born 14 April 1993), known professionally as Getter, is an American electronic music producer and DJ from San Jose, California. Other than rapping he also produces Dubstep, trap, bass, house, drum and bass, hip hop and electro house music.

Petulla was signed to Datsik's label Firepower Records in 2012, while also releasing through other labels such as Rottun Recordings and OWSLA. Petulla has collaborated with some big name artists such as Datsik, Skrillex, Borgore, and The Frim, and also had Liquid Stranger remix his song "Ill Shit".

Petulla began producing music while in high school, uploading original songs as well as remixes of Far East Movement and Timbaland to his SoundCloud page. He gained recognition when he released songs on labels such as Ultragore Recordings and Tuff Love Dubs.


  • Getter is the first character to have a fully green lycra suit, with the second being Speed Lord.

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