Ghetto Juggler
Screenshot 20170730-001959
Biographical info
Full name Unknown
Aliases Ghetto Juggler


Species Human
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Residence Ratchet Realm (most likely)
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank (most likely)
Nationality Japanese (most likely)
Occupation Unemployed
Rank Professional juggler


Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Ghetto Juggling
Role Minor character
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller

The Ghetto Juggler is an unnamed character appearing in the video "Ghetto Juggling". Not much is known about him except it is unknown if he has any affiliation to Frank.


His history is unknown except it seems to be a person who went broke and started doing some hardcore drugs, which he eventually went homeless as a result. This is possibly due to the fact that he was so ugly that everytime he gets a job application, he would be rejected by the employers. The fact said that he is a good juggler but due to the fact that he was so ugly, any circuses or public fares would reject him. It seems like due to the fact that he is so poor, he can't actually play with genuine balls, so he has to play with spare objects, such as a bowl, an apple and an orange. But due to the fact that he consumed so many illicit drugs, he became rude, arrogant and savage, which in "Ghetto Juggling", he did break a bowl by throwing it into the wall, increasing his chance of being rejected.

It seems that Frank met him in the streets, but it is unknown how they met each other. It is presumed that he is a fan of The Filthy Frank Show, and so when Frank passed by him, he immediately jumped on him and begged him to let him record one video featuring him, and so this is possibly the result of the video "Ghetto Juggling". It seems like Frank promised him to pay him his ad revenue from YouTube from this single video, so he could actually pay for a living. It is unknown if he actually got accepted to a circus or a carnival, but it is most likely that he got rejected again, as the employers must have seen him throwing a bowl into the wall.

It is said that during that time he was homeless, it seems like the Ghetto Juggler has joined a group of ganster, most likely the West Side, as he was seen wearing a blue bandage tied up on his head similar to those of these black people. This possibly means that he moved to the Ratchet Realm.


The Ghetto Juggler seems to be a built man with very large crooked teeth. He sports a white shirt along with a blue bandage tied up on his head. It is unknown if he does speak English, as he was only seen speaking Japanese, except no one could understand him due to his large teeth.