"Fuck me, Frank! Fuck me!"

Frank goomba
Biographical info
Full name Unknown
Aliases Goomba
Species Human
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown
Residence Unknown
Political info
Affiliation Fake Frank


Nationality American
Rank Hoe
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance E.T. 2
Role Fake Frank's bitch
Actor/Actress Unknown
Goomba is a human woman who seems to be in a romantic relationship with Fake Frank. Not much is known about her, as Fake Frank has never explicitely addressed her and she has appeared in very few videos. She appears to be a very sex-crazed woman, usually wanting to fuck Fake Frank at any moment. When Fake Frank does not satisfy her desires, she seems to use others as outlets--E.T. being one such outlet. She also appears in the book Francis of the Filth.