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"how to bake a cake", published on September 20, 2015, is a reuploaded video on the TooDamnFilthy Youtube channel. The video features Filthy Frank and Chromosome Kid. The video starts with Frank saying that he's hungry. He then looks at a recipe for cake. He then sees that 6 Chromosomes are required to bake the cake. He then opens his closet revealing Chromosome Kid. He then forces him him to give him Chromosomes for his cake by asking... Chromosome Kid replies with no. He then begs more for him to his chromosomes to him. Eventually he gets the chromosomes after Chromosome Kid spits the chromosomes out on his hand. After that he then tastes the chromosomes saying that it's good. The video then ends without footage of him making the cake.


  • Many people are speculating that this is a prequel to Vomit Cake.



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How to bake a cake reupload-0