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Safari Man Hotto Dogu

Safari Man, a typical human

Humans (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) are one of the many sapient races to inhabit the omniverse, their appearances are diverse and varied, although not as varied as those of lycra entities.

Generally, an adult human will stand at a height from 160 - 200 centimeters and weigh from 50 to 100 kg, some humans, like The Shaman or wheelz, are much smaller than average, such humans are called midgets.

The human species is often divided into two sub-races, hakujin (白人) and kokujin (黒人) which literally mean "white-person" and "black-person" respectively, the distinction is made due to the obvious variance in skin tone. Some people consider hakujin and kokujin to be two entirely different species.
Shadow men

Several damned humans torment Pink Guy in the shadow realm

It can be assumed that humans originated from Earth, but have since spread like a disease through the realms of the onmiverse, including, but not limited to, The Ricefields, neo pakistan and the Ratchet Realm (inhabited primarily by Kokujin), some entities which appear to be (former) humans were also seen dwelling in the shadow realm. Humans are now one of the dominant species in the omniverse.


Humans are a very old race in the omniverse, the first humans appeared on Earth around 2³³³ chromosomes ago, these early humans had very low intelligence, comparable to that of lycra entities, as time went on their intelligence increased, although not quite on the level of 3rd density beings such as the Peace Lords, they were still able to create technology, like drones, computers and robots, and unlock gateways to other realms to build colonies there, many such settlements have since been abandoned due to various disasters or incursions of dangerous entities.
Salamander racist

Two young humans are frightened by Salamander Man

It is possible that at some point in their history, many humans were transformed into lycra people by Chin-Chin's dark magic, although purebreed humans still persist in the ominverse.

Humans are frequently seen not getting along well with lycra people, a minority of humans do get along with lycra people and even accept them as friends.

Martial Ability

Just like lycra beings, humans can learn how to use magic and perform summoning rituals to aid them in combat, yet humans seem to prefer using their strength and martial arts alone in battle, often to great effect. Humans also utilize weapons, ranging from broccoli and plungers to firearms.

Filthy Frank is considered the strongest human ever since he finished his training while hiding from Chin-Chin, he was able to defeat the dark god in their confrontation, making him possibly the strongest entity in the entire omniverse.



Pangea 308.62, an abandoned human settlement

Anime city

realm 69, later dubbed "Anime City", another human settlement that was evacuated due to a deadly anime incursion.