There will be a war.
- Fake Frank, the last words spoken in the video
Veggie Cunt

Veggie Cunt


In this episode of The Filthy Frank Show, Fake Frank explains why vegans are fucking stupid and feel entitled, and why more people should be concerned about the thoughts, feelings, and rights of plants, as they can feel pain just like animals can. He goes on to show a PSA of Mr. Potato being viciously eaten by Fake Frank, aka Attack on Titan. This episode also introduces Veggie Cunt, a vegan who begins to attack frank in the Vegan Protection Chamber, located in Realm 00000. At the end of the episode, Veggie Cunt says the following, "You're not the real Frank...that's why you don't want the peace^lords to find out," and although Fake Frank denies this claim, this may reveal the aviator cap-wearing man that we have before us to be a refugee from old Realm 6.2, escaping as a refugee from during Chin-Chin's Realm 6.2 Campaign.


  • As Fake Frank was forced to eat a vegan chicken sandwich by Veggie Cunt, over time, he seems to enjoy it and changed his mind about eating plants, so he then asked the price for it. However, as Veggie Cunt says it costs $19, Fake Frank has then changed his mind on eating more vegan food, possibly meaning he'll continue to only eat meat, due to the very high cost of the sandwich alone.