I Love Haters was published on October 26th, 2011 on the DizastaMusic Channel but was later take down. It is the nineteenth episode in season 2 of the Filthy Frank Show.


Filthy Frank talks about a hater comment he received while he was at school.


I Love Haters!01:19

I Love Haters!

Video Description

I got a hater comment. Obviously, he was jealous of the vast amounts of swag I possessed.


  • Filthy Frank


  • Filthy Frank states he is black in this video.
  • He says he is called "Mr Priest" in Thailand.
  • He ends the video saying the Japanese "私はちんちんが大好き"(Watashi wa chinchin ga daisuki). 私(Watashi) means "I" or "me", は(wa) is the topic marker, ちんちん(chinchin) is a slang term for penis, が(ga) is the subject marker, and 大好き(daisuki) means "is loved". Therefore we can approximately translate it as "As for me, dick is loved" or "I love dick".

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