What're you, a fucking faggot?
Biographical info
Full name Ian "Carter"
Aliases iDubbbz
Nigger Faggot
Gay Retard
Green Cunt
Species Human
Gender Male
Born July 22 1991
Political info
Affiliation The Shrimpson Boys
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Hair Cake
Role Fake Frank's friend and waiter
Actor/Actress Himself

Ian, better known as iDubbbz, is a YouTube personality and recurring character on the Filthy Frank show.


In his first appearance on the Filthy Frank show (HAIR CAKE), Ian had his hair forcefully shaved and added to cake batter after Frank discovered its tasty texture. Later on, Ian gets cancer, which progressively gets worse throughout the episode. He can be compared to Dade both in appearance and in the fact that he fucking dies (but not before eating and vomiting the Hair Cake all over Frank). It is unknown whether or not Frank's carcinogenic aura was a factor in speeding his death.

However, Ian made a return in "Dumbass Gets PewDiePie Tattoo", where he is seen forcing Anything4Views into a tattoo parlor, then tormenting him alongside Max and Frank. This leads to suspect that he, like Pookie, is immortal or simply another version of his original self.

Ian also made a short appearance in "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 4," where he cosplays in a Naruto Akatsuki cloak and dances next to a Mazda sedan.

During the episode "THE GENTLEMEN'S GUIDE," Ian once again appears where he, Frank and Max compete in challenges to prove themselves as gentlemen. Ian wins.

His latest appearance was in the video "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 5" where he, Frank, Max, and Chad have a Q&A.


  • The three "b's" in "iDubbbzTV" stand for "Beer, Bikes, Booty," but can alternatively stand for "Big Booty Bitches."
  • Ian is said to have once had a crush on iiSuperwomanii as revealed by Max, Frank, and Chad during a stream.
  • There has been an ongoing dispute about Ian's last name, with some saying Kovic and others saying Carter. In a now deleted video on Ian's main channel of him playing Overgrowth, Ian's brother Kevin can be heard in the background calling him "Kovic". Some believe Ian uses Carter as an alias for privacy reasons. When appearing on Phillip DeFranco's channel in the video "YouTuber iDubbbzTV Drunkenly Kills, Marries, and F*CKS!," he is credited as Ian Carter.
  • Ian uses the last name of Shrimpson (alluding to The Shrimpson Boys), when communicating with Samurai Buyer.
  • Ian has revealed in his "Bad Unboxing" videos that he owns a seventeen inch dildo, which he uses for self defense.
  • He is also skinny, and should eat a burger.


  • "I have cancer."
  • "Heyyy, that's pretty good!"
  • "Have you seen Chef?"
  • "What're you, fuckin' gay?"
  • "Muh-muh-muh-muh-money shot!"
  • "Faggot!"
  • "I'm gay!"
  • "#NoChin"
  • "I have crippling depression."
  • "Ain't nothing like a good nut"
  • "I have osteoporosis."
  • "KILL yourself!"
  • "Nigger Faggot"
  • "I want to die."
  • "Say 'nigger'!"


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