The Illegal Crawfish Olympics is an annual event held to celebrate the great sport of Crawfish racing, which began in Vatican City about 300,000 years ago. This year, the Crawfish Olympics competitors were Kamikaze Failure Frank, Pookie, Drone, Brock Lee, Botz, and Alpha Centurion. A notable attendee for this event was Manny Pacquiao. Ultimately, the winner was Kamikaze Failure Frank, who won using his genetically modified crawfish to distract the others and somehow have his craw fish reach the finish line. Later, Kamikaze Failure Frank admitted that the genetically modified crawfish were just mice.

An angry Brock Lee later calls out Alpha Centurion, who reveals himself to be The Shaman. The two begin to fight, but The Shaman easily overcomes Brock Lee by using his own broccoli weapons against him. Knowing that he is no match against The Shaman, Brock Lee asks Drone (Who was late for the race) for help. The Shaman runs in fear as Drone chases him. Drone eventually catches up with him and fires some kind of explosive at him.


Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics06:24

Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics

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