IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO is an episode where Fake Frank develops the ultimate answer to getting away with pranks, goofs, and fucked-up-ness. He then uses this power to go on a pranking rampage along with Pink Guy. In this video, JonTron and h3h3Productions make their debut appearance and go through the vicious cycle of being pranked then realizing that they've been played on.  


The episode opens with Fake Frank narrating himself doing research on a whiteboard.

He proceeds to explain the logic and science behind "Pranks" and "Goofs" while contemplating about how people get away with no consequence.

Suddenly he becomes enlightened, and flips the whiteboard only to see the ultimate answer to his problem, two words written with a red marker that say "It's just a prank bro".

He then later is seen in a grocery store "Pranking" an old man, and boxes of what seems to be tea and some sort of a biscuit.

The rest of the episode consists of him "Pranking" a bunch of people in the streets of New York, until he encounters JonTron, which he then "sexually assaults" by spanking his ass, and after getting his attention he starts asking "have you seen a prank", in Which JonTron responds with "Yeah I'm looking at one right now".

Later in the end of the episode he tries to "Prank" his "ex-lover" Ethan from H3H3productions, who starts screaming at Frank about why they "Broke up" which brings him to tears, and forces him to cry in a corner while being screamed at by Ethan.

The episode ends with JonTron slapping Franks ass while doing parkour.

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