Biographical info
Full name John Patrick Douglass
Aliases Jack
Species Human


Gender Male
Born June 30, 1988
Relative(s) Kristen Klessig (Former Girlfriend)

Erin Breslin (Fiancee)
Donna Douglass (Mother)
David Douglass (Father)
Kathleen Douglass (Sister)
Eileen Douglass (Sister)

Residence Los Angeles, US
Political info
Affiliation Jacksfilms
Nationality American
Occupation Comedian


Rank He's his own YouTuber
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WORLDS BIGGEST RAT??!!
Role Guest Star
Actor/Actress Himself
Jacksfilms, or better referred to as Jack, is a popular YouTuber and comedian. He has many of his own YouTube series, such as YIAY, Jack Talks Trailers, YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS, and JACKASK, while also uploading parodies, music videos, and sketches. He has garnered over three million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 1 million followers on his Twitter.


He made his first debut on Filthy Frank's TooDamnFilthy channel in a video titled "WORLDS BIGGEST RAT??!! (DISGUSTING)," where he was the one who challenged Fake Frank and iDubbbzTV to a mouse trap challenge while drunk because he thought they were giant rats, which they were; he was simply trying to get rid of those pests who invaded his area. His role was to flip a coin and whoever got heads or tails had to jam their fingers into the mouse traps; iDubbbzTV was heads while Fake Frank was tails.