Jacksonville, Florida takes the cake for the worst city and dimension ever, even worse than Hell, Fake Africa, and カンチョー combined. This city showed that even Chin-Chin has a little bit of a heart in his black dark body. When he took Salamander Man from Frank for not sacrificing chromosomes, Chin-Chin refused to take the great ass-flute player to Jacksonville, instead cursing him and keeping him hostage at the Rock Paper Scissors Arena.

Santa's brother claimed that he shot a kid and an old man in the kneecaps in Jacksonville, Florida, but it is unclear, since he only said that this happened in Florida. When Frank uploaded a video called "I saw Santa Claus", he actually claimed that there was a strange guy dressed up as Santa Claus that actually shot him. It presumably means that Filthy Frank went previously into an adventure in Jacksonville but then was shot by Santa's brother. It is possible that due to the fact that Frank was shot in Florida, Chin-Chin is haunting him since he appeared in "CHIN CHIN (A SERIOUS VIDEO)", but this is also possible that his trip was 3000 chromosomes between Chin-Chin's death and his first appearance to The Filthy Frank Show.

It is unknown why this specific city in Florida is the worst city and dimension ever, but it presumably has something to do with Evil Dade. It is also thought that Negative Chin Chin resides here.

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