Sunset Shimmer fights Lana Yangu

The Jigen Tou is a technique used by many fighters in Yu Yu Hakusho: Diamond Is Unbreakable.


The Jigen Tou was created by Donkey Kong when working with Skull Knight. They needed something that could rip apart space and time similar to Okuyasu Nijamura's stand Za Hando. Donkey Kong decided to fuce the sperm of Guts and griffith and purify the semen into the sword. This resulted in an explosion that was similar to the explosion in Sonic Adventure 2. Donkey Kong tested the sword and tried to summon it on his own. Eventually Donkey Kong could summon the blade at his own will and that's when it became a legendary technique.


The Jigen Tou can slice through anything except Boom Knuckles and Super Sayian 3 Goku (episode 5). The user of the Jigen Tou can perform many techniques with the sword like Orange Juice Release, Cars Script, Pine Cone Eruption. The sword is amazing at one on one combat but doesn't mean it can't take on multiple opponents. During The Makai Tournament Kuwabara was able to defeat 50 soldiers on his own and they were around the S-Class mark,


The Jigen Tou Sword has a holographic texture and like the Spirit Sword had very similar look to the Lightsaber. In addition it has very similar sound effects. The color of the sword itself isn't specific. Through out Yu Yu, the sword changes colors many times during fights.

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