If it wasn't for all this money i would have killed myself!
Biographical info
Species Hakujin
Gender Male
Born 1976-1956
Relative(s) Unnamed Ex-Wife
Residence New York or California
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank


Nationality American
Occupation Brainstormer at Nickelodeon
Rank Suicidal Upper Middle Class Citizen
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance COTW - GAME SHAKERS!!!!


Role Improvisation character
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller

Jim is a wealthy middle-aged white man who works at Nickelodeon where he comes up with ideas that become TV shows such as Game Shakers. Jim never made a physical or verbal appearance in the Filthy Frank omniverse, as he is only portrayed by voice, and Frank is clearly on screen. Even though most of Jim's information is impersonated by Frank in an improvisation moment, he does have realistically grim motives and beliefs, for example, he hates kids, as he calls them, "Faggots." Another example is when he states that his wife left him, and he has erectile dysfunction. He is suicidal and would've killed himself if he wasn't an upper middle class citizen.

Relationship with Filthy Frank

The start of Frank and Jim's relationship

Jim also seems to be friends or acquaintances with Frank, in the video HOW TO ANSWER THE PHONE IN 30 DIFFERENT CULTURES, Frank chases off an Indian/Pakistani/Brazilian/District 9'er/Mexican/Native American, and then answers his phone and asks how Jim is doing. He also tries to contact Jim with a stick in Indonesia, then with a rock in Africa, but is unsuccessful. Frank blames Verizon for his poor service he's been getting.

The Probable End

In the video, COTW - GAME SHAKERS!!!! Frank is seen in an improv moment of his rant, impersonating Jim. He mentions how he has erectile dysfunction, how his wife left him, and how close he is to the middle-aged stereotypical white man. Frank does this impression in a rather harsh way, which could mean that either Frank or Jim broke off the relationship, or time/absence split each other. If this is true, then either Jim is dead by killing himself, he's still in Nickelodeon Studios working, or broke off the friendship with Frank to work at his current job, a brainstormer at Nickelodeon. It could probably be the reason why Frank hates Corporations like Nickelodeon.

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