*Jingle* *Jingle* No!!! - Jingle Balls Frank, or "Frankleballs."

Jingle Balls
Jingle Balls
Biographical info
Full name Jingle Balls
Species Human/Reindeer
Gender Unisex
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank
Nationality Japanese (most likely)
Miscellaneous info
Role Ball Jingler

Jingle Balls is a lesser-known character in the Lycraverse, being featured in select videos. It [1] plays a key role in its few appearances.


Jingle Balls is not a Lycra but, much like Percy the Pigeon, a cross between an animal (reindeer) and an otherwise normal human. It first appeared in BATSU GAME - WASABI DRINK (UNRELEASED FOOTAGE) and was later shown in 420 BLAZE IT IN JAPANESE (JAPANESE 101) where Filthy Frank and Jingle Balls fused together, although only momentarily and at only a perceived threat, leading to the separation seconds later.

Physical Characteristics


Jingle Balls and Filthy Frank fused together similar to how Lycra can fuse.

Jingle Balls does not have many features. Under normal circumstance it wears the Japanese schoolgirl outfit that is seen on the few female characters in the show, which hints at a possible female character, along with what appears to be coming from under the mask; long flowing, blonde hair. While it is odd that the hair emerges from the front end, it is hard to ignore. It is possible that, rather than hair, Jingle Balls possesses a beard.

Jingle Balls' collar also features a bell, that can be heard ringing as it moves, hinting that it may be possible Jingle Balls was a real reindeer and became mutated during the creation of the Lycra as a failed transformation, which would explain why it and Frank seem to be able to fuse, though that may simply be through the power of Frank alone.


  1. Ball Jingling
  2. Extreme tolerance to consuming lethal substances


[1] While referred to as male on occasion, Jingle Balls is of an unknown hybrid species and it is unknown if its kind possesses any form of gender.

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