JoeySalads (Piss Master)
Biographical info
Full name Joey Salads
Aliases Piss Master
Species Hakujin
Gender Male
Born December 10, 1993
Relative(s) Vinny (Cousin), Steve (Wife)
Residence Staten Island, New York, USA
Political info
Affiliation JoeySalads
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber/Prankster
Rank Piss Master
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HUMAN CAKE
Role Pissing Master
Actor/Actress Himself
JoeySalads will contribute to this cake!
- Joey, moments before donating his urine to the cake
JoeySalads is a YouTuber who uploads videos of his own pranks and social experiments. He appeared in the episode "HUMAN CAKE" where he pissed in a tiny plastic container (and all over Max's hand) so that the latter would get another ingredient for the Human Cake.


  • Ethan of h3h3Productions has made many reaction videos on his own channel about the things Joey does in his videos, and in an interview, the Piss Master admitted to faking several of his experiments and pranks for views.