For twenty years I was a failed kamikaze pilot back in World War 2. I just couldn't die.
Kamikaze Failure Frank
Kamikaze Failure Frank
Biographical info
Full name Kamikaze Failure Frank
Aliases Fake Frank (speculated)
Species Human
Gender Male
Born Approximately 1928-1930
Political info
Affiliation Japanese Empire (previously)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Kamikaze Pilot (previously)

Crawfish Racer

Rank Crawfish Olympics Champion
Miscellaneous info
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller

Kamikaze Failure Frank is a character that appears in "Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics".


Kamikaze Failure Frank bears a resemblance to Frank, but it is unknown if this is a coincidence or not. He has a tattoo of a cross on his chest and wears a brown Japanese WW2 pilot's cap. His outfit shares a strong resemblance to Fake Frank.


Little is known about him other than he was a kamikaze pilot during World War II, and that he is the champion of the Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics. He has also trained his own genetically modified crawfish (It was found out later that they were ordinary mice) to win the Crawfish Olympics.

He has won 6,001 races and has lost -30. Even though he is the champion of the Crawfish Olympics, Alpha Centurion AKA The Shaman has 293,999 more wins than him. He is also the only contender in the Crawfish Olympics to have lost a negative amount of times.


  • In a podcast George Miller did with the YouTuber theneedledrop, he suggested that Kamikaze Failure Frank might be Frank from an alternate universe.
  • As mentioned before, Kamikaze Failure Frank shares a strong resemblance to Fake Frank. Both wear the same type of headgear (Sunglasses and an aviator cap), both are a version of Filthy Frank from another universe, and both seem to hold a certain power over rodents (Kamikaze Failure Frank used mice to win the Crawfish Racing Olympics, while Fake Frank commanded an army of rats), so it's entirely possible that they are, in fact, the same person. However, this has never been officially confirmed.

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