Kamikaze Shots | 神風ショット is a video where an alternate version of Filthy Frank and Hazmat Beast challenge themselves to intaking Kamikaze Shots, since it is a Japanese tradition and the former felt the need to introduce the viewers to more crazy Japanese customs. These kamikaze shots are a little different, but enough to make one's mind not know what's going on, as said by Franku himself.

Kamikaze Shots 神風ショット02:00

Kamikaze Shots 神風ショット


  • Hazmat Beast makes an unpredicted return and hasn't appeared since "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 3." He seems to have lost his Australian accent, however.
  • Filthy Frank is seen wearing a Japanese girl's school uniform and has grown long, pink hair, either dyed or had a fusion with Tit Job Specialist. The latter possesses pink hair and the same outfit, so it's safe to assume Frank fused with him just how Frank has also assumably fused with Jingle Balls in "'420 BLAZE IT' IN JAPANESE (JAPANESE 101)."

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