Biographical info
Full name The League of shitty actors
Species Omni-dimensional beings that appear as holograms
Gender None, But all members appear as males
Born various dates
Political info
Nationality American
Occupation Actors
Miscellaneous info
Actor/Actress Themselves
The League of Shitty Actors or LSA is an inter-dimensional organization lead by Adam Sandler. It consists of Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Owen Wilson. Their ultimate goal is to use up all our resources making terrible movies and then moving on to other planets to do the same. Sandler, their leader is a hologram manipulated through space and it is likely the others are holograms as well. On Sep 14, 2015 (Human time) they attacked Filthy Frank for insulting Sandler and "Telling little secrets to everybody".


  • Frank presumed that Nicolas Cage was a member of the LSA but this was proven false by the latter and the former explained this due to the fact that Cage is just genuinely shit.
  • Also, according to Frank they are after Nicolas Cage

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