Lemonjutsu is one of the two extremely powerful Lycranese martial arts famously used by Lemon during a battle with Chin-Chin in "CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE" . Such a powerful force is dangerous, and should not be used by even the most trained lemon warrior. It was hinted that the lemons used are alive and are offspring of the user, as Lemon refers them as his babies.


  • Lemon Juggling (unnamed): Lemon juggles his lemons. He can put a spell on people and control their minds with this technique, as he did with Salamander Man. Pink Guy was able to break the curse by killing one of the lemons, destabilizing Lemon's psyche.
  • Lemon no Jutsu (巨大なお尻ファックレモンのアート, literally meaning "Art of the Lemon"): Lemon makes the Tiger (寅, Tora) hand seal and pulls out of nowhere (probably his ass) two lemons that he throws toward his opponent. It was first seen used against Chin Chin, but had no effect.
  • Giant Lemon no Jutsu (ジャイアントレモンの術, literally meaning "Art of the Big as Fuck Lemon"): Lemon makes the hand seal Snake (巳, Mi) followed with Ram (未, Hitsuji) and charges energy and takes out from his ass a big lemon that he throws towards his opponent. This was also first used against the Dark Lord, but had as much an effect on him as Lemon no Jutsu. This technique puts a significant strain on the user's anus, causing it to leak before the secretion of a lemon.