Lil B
Lil B
Biographical info
Full name Brandon Christopher McCartney
Aliases Based God

Pretty Bitch

Species God, Kokujin
Gender Alpha Male
Born Beginning of Chromosomes
Residence Our hearts
Political info
Affiliation His worshippers

The Pack Soulja Boy Riff Raff Kid Pheno Chance the Rapper

Nationality Monarchy of the West Coast
Occupation Rapper, record producer, author, motivational speaker, activist
Rank Most based being in the universe
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance I HATE MEMES
Role Protection Deity

Comical Rapper

Actor/Actress As himself

Lil B the BasedGod, is a Kokujin deity in the Filthy Frank universe.


Lil B used to be a Kokujin from California who constantly battled with Kevin Durant for control of the basketball court, but that all changed when Chin-Chin attacked. When his Chromosomes were amplified, his powers were greatly increased and he ascended into godhood. Kokujins everywhere began to worship him, and his gospel spread throughout the realms.

At some point, Frank learned of Lil B from his Kokujin friends and began worshiping him. During his duel with Mr. Magic Man, a friend of Frank's suggested that he called upon the Based God to help him. Frank used his Bēsu no kami no shōkan gijutsu to summon Lil B. He flew into the apartment, using his powers to drive all the memes out of Realm 6.2, saving Frank and his friends.