O shit Pink Guy, you're in trouble.
- Lord Cripplus, after calling Pink Guy.
Lord Cripplus
Lord cripplus
Biographical info
Full name Unknown
Aliases Wheelz (Speculated)
Species Human (Possible)
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown
Residence Unknown
Political info
Affiliation Wheelz (Speculated)
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Time Police, Lord (Speculated)
Rank Lord (Speculated)
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HITLER'S EVIL SON

Lord Cripplus is a minor character (currently). He is part of the Time Police, presumably the leader. There is speculation that he is in fact Wheelz in disguise, or, Wheelz from the past.


Lord Cripplus first appeared in the beginning of "HITLER'S EVIL SON" where he calls Pink Guy to inform him that Nazi Cunt is planning to revive his father, Hitler. He is not shown for the rest of the episode.

It is unknown if Lord Cripplus sent Pink Guy along with his slaves to kill Captain Falcon for a specific crime that he commited himself, as this may be the reason why Pink Guy killed his boyfriend without knowing it.

Abilities and Powers



"Hitler had a secret son who is going back in time to revive him."

"You are the only one with a trime-- time drift vehicle, you must stop Hitler's son."

"Y'know your mothers been suckin' cocks forever?"

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