Lycras: Pink Guy, Creepy Dude, Red Ranger and Alien Man

Lycra People (Homo Sapiens Lycrasus) are, to put it simply, what a majority of humanity transformed into after Chin-Chin amplified everyone's chromic level during the Realm 6.2 campaign.

This is a guide to help you understand what Lycra People are and how to care for them.


What are Lycra People?

Lycra People are strange, morphed humanoids that were infected with Chin-Chin's chromosomes. Lycra grew over their skin and (most) of them became devoted to worshiping the Dark Lord and/or screaming at people who were lucky enough to not be transformed during the Chinpocalypse.

How to look after a Lycra

A Lycra Person must be fed with at least five normal Chin-Chin brand chromosomes daily to keep it healthy. If not, its Lycra skin will fall off and, due to a changed body not used to cold temperatures, it will freeze to death and melt into chromosomes. However, it is possible that certain lycras don't need to be fed with chromosomes, such as Mr. Negi Generation 3000, which he can transform into an actual human entity.  

Lycra Gods

If a Lycra Person has more than the average amount of chromosomes they will transform into Lycra beings with god-like powers, such as the ability to travel through realms at the blink of an eye. These mutated god Lycras will eventually be chosen by a mysterious entity to become members of the powerful Peace Lord gang. The Dark Lord was once thought to be a Lycra god, however this was disproved in FILTHY FRANK VS. CHIN CHIN.

Genetic Abnormalities

Some Lycra are born with genetic mutations. These are normally minor, such as a Lemon for a head or sunglasses fused onto the eye or changing lycra suit.


Lycra People seem to have some powers, like Chin Chin who is the most powerful, Lemon who can create and throw lemons, Salamander Man who can play flute with the nose and the ass with amazing abilities, Veggie Cunt who can create and throw vegetables (like a powerful version of Lemon), Red Dick who can communicate from distance and seems he can eat everything, Plastic Pinocchio being highly intelligent and capable of communicating telepathically, Towel Guy who can play flute like Salamander Man but not quite as well, Mr. Negi who can communicate telepathically, can teleport (or he is really fast) and apparently, can evolve, Brown Lycra who can produce kumquat fruits from his anus, Barf Man who is a master of creatively taking a shit and pukes eggs infinitely, Speed Lord who can run very fast, Pink Guy being an awesome rapper who can also puke eggs, but can also puke canned beans, but we don't know much about his powers and other's except that Pink Guy can invoke Saint Nicholas. But there is one power who every Lycra People seem to have, for some reason they can expose Fake Frank.

Known Lycra Entities