Biographical info
Aliases LeBron James
Species Kokujin
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance DON'T BE RACIST
Role Black Man
Mamba is one of Filthy Frank's kokujin friends. Mamba is no longer an active member in The Filthy Frank Show.


Like all racial stereotypes, some have a hint of truth, and this is demonstrated through this character who is attracted by the lure of KFC. Frank, after a heated argument on the phone with Mamba, tells him that he has "a little friend" who can bring them back together. Through the phone, KFC communicates with Mamba, reuniting him with Frank in a non-platonic relationship.

Mamba would later appear during Mr. Magic Man's assault on Realm 6.2, telling Frank to call on the Based God. He hasn't been seen since.